Mangomery Maryland Indecent Exposure Laws

The term indecent exposure in Mangomery Maryland is defined as exposing your private parts or performing any type of sexual activity with full intention in public area. The criminal of this offense performs this type of activity just to attract any person sexually. The person who commits this crime can face harsher penalties such as punishment of imprisonment and/or a high fine.  It can also create negative effects on your personal, educational or employment life. You may also require registering as a sex offender in the database of the government registry. Indecent exposure laws are very strict in Maryland and the court takes it very seriously. While many people in Maryland view the indecent exposure as an offense of trivial, it is not a charge that can take lightly. So if you are being charged with the crime then you must need to hire a professional sex crime lawyer for you who can provide you a defense against your charge or penalties. This charge is complicated to handle alone because a common person may not know everything about the charge.

Laws Of Indecent Exposure In Maryland:

In Maryland, the Indecent exposure laws do not include a specific law for it. However, the judges of a state have determined that what constitutes of indecent exposure of trying these cases through the years. There are different elements of the crimes are included in the indecent exposure that is as follow.

  • Exposure of the Private Parts:

Under the law of Maryland, exposing the private parts of your body such as buttocks, female breast, and genitals.

  • Willful Intent:

The exposure should occur with a specific purpose. It means that the person had an intention of exposing their private parts in front of the public. In Mangomery Maryland, it does not allow showing your private parts with an intention and gaining any type of sexual satisfaction from this act.

  • In The Presence Of Other People Or In Public Place:

The exposure should be occurring in a public place in front of many other people at least one person must present at that time. It does not mean that an individual must be nearby you physically. A person who is looking for a window of their home or from a building can be a potential satisfy this charge element.

If these elements will be present in your case then you will a criminal according to the laws of Maryland and you have to face different penalties that can be harsher.

Penalties For The Charge:

The charge of indecent exposure is taking very seriously in Maryland. The penalty for the crime is defined according to the federal or state law and it depends on the circumstances. It is defined as a serious misdemeanor the person who convicts this crime will face the following penalties.

  • 3 years of life in imprisonment
  • $1000 or more fine that the offender must pay
  • The person will be required to register as sex offender in the database of government registry.