Hit and Run Laws in Warren Virginia

In Virginia, leaving the scene of an accident is a very serious crime which usually arises out of failure to stop, render, and aid and provide identification information. Irrespective of the accident cause, Warren, Virginia law mandates some necessary action to be taken and imposes duties on drivers and passengers.

Under Virginia law, hit and run is a criminal offense charges when you leave the scene of an accident without providing any insurance information to the other driver. This hit and run crimes will be charged as a misdemeanor if the damages is below $1000, and will be charges as a felony if the damage is above $1000. The instructions for being involved in an accident with attended property can be found at Virginia Code Section 46.2-894.

Penalties for Hit and Run in Warren, Virginia

The penalties and consequences for hit and run crime in Warren Virginia includes imprisonment, fines and compensation. Hit and run of a parked vehicle, any property which was unattended at the time of accident, is considered as misdemeanor offense. It has a punishment of one year in jail and a fine of $2,500 and restitution. After hit and run if the damage to the property is valued at $500 or above, the court might suspend the driving license for six months.

If anyone was injured more than $1000 damage as a result of hit and run, it will be considered as Class 5 felony or an attended vehicle resulting in damage which exceeds $500, the court will suspend the driving license for six months. If you have been accused as a driver not the passenger in an accident which causes injury or death and you fail to stop and show your identity, the DMV will suspend your license for a year.

Common Scenarios of Hit and Run Charged in Warren, Virginia

Hit and run itself is not a common crime in Warren Virginia, most of the time these hit and run cases are charged in combination with another crime. Most usually, there is a DUI charge where someone hit a car or belongings possessed by another while they were under the influence while driving.

Virginia Code Section 46.2-900 offers that if the damage to the property is $250 or more, the sentence is a Class I offense.  Though, if the damage is less than $250, it is considered as class 4 misdemeanor.  It also delivers for 3 demerit points with the Virginia DMV.

Evidence of Hit and Run Charge in Warren, Virginia

Virginia hit and run charges can outcome from any car accident that the driver fails to report.  A driver can have a charge of hit and run in case he:

  • Makes any physical contact with another car, person, or thing
  • Resulting in damage, injury or death,
  • Failed to report the mishap

A sentence for a hit and run charge in Warren, Virginia requires to prove that the driver knew about the mishap or should have known that there was a damage to the property or someone was injured.  The Commonwealth also need to prove that the driver failed to provide the required info to the other driver and police.