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Criminal Lawyer Rockville MD. You are in the enviable position of being charged with a crime, and now what? How do you know who to contact for legal assistance? Whom can you trust? Not all lawyers in Rockville are created equal. Sris Law firm by Sris has successfully defended community members for more than 35 years. If you need a Rockville, MD criminal defense lawyer with experience and thorough understanding of the law, call our office and get advice first. Contact Criminal Lawyer Rockville MD for quotes.

Statistically speaking, you are better served if you are represented by a lawyer than yourself, especially if you face the possibility of a prison sentence. This is partly because each case is unique and the circumstances are never the same. However, an experienced criminal lawyer can guide you through the labyrinth of the judicial system and deal with prosecutors, judges, the jury, and other factors in your case. As an experienced criminal lawyer in Rockville, Sris can develop the legal strategy you need that gives you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Is your future worthwhile if you use a public defender to represent you? How can a criminal defense lawyer in Rockville, MD help me? As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Sris is familiar with the various factors that can affect your case and how you can defend yourself against it. A proactive approach is crucial and can only be carried out by people with experience in the criminal justice system. Criminal defense lawyers hiring Rockville MD community members have many goals. Depending on the nature of your case, this may include: Gathering information from witnesses and the crime scene. Taking physical evidence into account is also important, and your defense attorney has access to what the prosecutor has collected.

A criminal defense lawyer is familiar with the way certain prosecutors handle cases and how to contact that particular prosecutor. In this sense Sris has experience in negotiating plea bargains or “deals” in exchange for a lower penalty. Sris can give you a realistic perspective of what can happen if your case is brought to justice. This is important because a more objective view can help you make an informed decision about whether to accept an appeal offer or not. If necessary, we can employ private investigators to validate or contradict prosecutors’ witnesses or physical evidence before we go to court.

Very few people represent themselves when charged with a crime, even lawyers who are on trial. Public defenders are often overworked, underpaid and lack the experience to build a strong defense case. Because of the possible dire consequences of a conviction, including prison terms, fines, etc., it is desirable to hire a Rockville MD criminal. He has the experience and resources to best represent you and protect your rights.

Are you looking for lawyers that Rockville, MD residents trust?If you are facing criminal charges and / or have recently been arrested for a serious crime, you may need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend you, who is knowledgeable about the judicial system, and who knows how the judicial system works for you and for your particular case Contact Sris Law to find the high quality criminal lawyers that Rockville MD has to offer.

Sris has worked in criminal defense for a variety of cases and clients in Montgomery County and Rockville County for over 35 years. It focuses on protecting rights, protecting freedoms and brightening the future. Its quality of representation in court, preliminary hearing and representation in probation, a probation and expulsion matter is of high quality. At Sris Law, our lawyers are proud to perform excellently in law enforcement hearings aimed at reducing or dismissing charges. If a lawsuit is required in your case, you can be sure that the type of defense lawyers that Rockville, MD citizens deserve can be found in Sris law firm. Sris as our lawyers have proven themselves in the industry.

Years of experience in the Maryland Criminal Court. After a criminal arrest, many people are looking for high-profile lawyers. Rockville, MD citizens are proud to represent them and are looking for the most ideal legal solution to protect their innocence from a variety of criminal complaints and crimes such as: Sexual offenses; online crime; Criminal drugs; Robbery crimes; violent crimes such as assault; Economic crimes; Youth crime.

Rockville’s defense lawyers also assist clients with criminal offenses. Even if this is your first encounter with criminal complaints, we are confident that we can treat your case with the aim of preventing you from severe penalties and avoiding damage to your file as much as possible so that you can ultimately get ahead and this situation behind you to let.

Common defense. The prosecutor has to prove to a jury that you are beyond doubt guilty.

Your lawyer has the option to defend yourself for the crime that you are accused of. There are many criminal defense mechanisms that are used frequently. The first is – “You didn’t do it”. This is probably the most common defense. You can argue that you didn’t commit the crime at all or that someone else must have. If your lawyer uses this defense, he may indicate that the witness’s interpretation of the witness is incorrect or that the ingredients required to prove your guilt without reason are lacking. Presumably Innocent – Anyone charged with a crime is legally considered innocent until convicted, either by pleading guilty or during the trial. It is the prosecutor’s duty to convince the jury that you are guilty. You don’t have to take a stand, and your lawyer doesn’t have to call witnesses. However, most defense lawyers have their own witnesses to strengthen your non-guilty confession. Since the burden of proof is on the public prosecutor, the jury (and sometimes the judge) must feel safe – and not just “think” that you are guilty of crime.

Alibi – Were you anywhere else when the crime was committed and can you prove it?

A friend’s testimony, a movie ticket stub, and credit card evidence say you couldn’t be where they accused you of being at the time of the crime.

Okay, maybe you committed the crime, but you have a reason. Here are some common defense mechanisms: Self Defense – If you are charged with murder, assault or battery, this is a common defense. You were entitled to use violence because the other person was at risk of harming you. Your lawyer has to prove that the other party was the attacker and that you had to use force to defend yourself.

Was the level of violence you used considered appropriate for the suspected threat you were exposed to? Insanity – This is a very difficult defense to prove because it is subjective for expert testimony. Even if you are found innocent for insanity, you can be taken to a mental hospital.

Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol – The general idea here is that you should be aware of how alcohol and drugs affect you, and this is not an excuse for your behavior. In some states, however, this can be part of your defense, as the intent may not be proven.

Entrapment – This is difficult to prove and an extremely difficult defense. Law enforcement officers offer situations where you can commit non-captive crimes.  

A criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the law related to the crime that you are accused of. Consult an experienced attorney to dig your way through the confusing and sometimes overwhelming legal system.