Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney

If you were arrested and charged with a crime in Arlington, Virginia, you may be confused and scared. Criminal charges can lead to overwhelming concerns about the consequences of a conviction. A criminal lawyer in Arlington and a DUI lawyer could fight vigorously for your defense and work tirelessly to give you the best possible result in your trial. Arlington criminal charges Criminal charges are wide-ranging. While criminal convictions can lead to long prison terms, even crimes have ramifications that can seriously affect your future. Our Arlington criminal defense lawyers are proven to have a successful defense against charges, including but not limited to: While criminal convictions can lead to long prison terms, even crimes have ramifications that can seriously affect your future. Domestic violence While criminal convictions can lead to long prison terms, even crimes have ramifications that can seriously affect your future.

Traffic driving under the influence drug offenses sexual offenses Ruthless Driving Federal Crimes When asked about your involvement in a criminal case, you can politely exercise your right to remain silent until you find a qualified lawyer. Any statements you make – even if you proclaim your innocence – can be used to incriminate you. A lawyer will take your interests into account if he supports you in the investigation and protects your rights. Find a knowledgeable DUI attorney in Arlington County If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you are likely to feel lost, scared, confused, and frustrated. You may also think that you have no alternative but to plead guilty and accept any punishment that the judge deems right. But that’s just not true – you have rights and opportunities. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you enforce them. A well-trained DUI lawyer in Arlington – like the defense lawyers who work with Karin Riley Porter – will try to defend these rights. Our lawyers know the pros and cons of Virginia DUI law and how to handle a case that maximizes your chances of success. This knowledge comes from experience in the courtroom, from local relationships with judges and prosecutors, and from years of law and statute studies. All of this knowledge and experience is used to help you and your case. They will inform you of possible penalties for driving under the influence of the conviction and work to build a solid defense against these allegations.

The traffic stops the traffic stops how cases are treated the traffic stops Field sobriety tests what happens to your vehicle? Appeals courts DUI first-offense penalties person charged with drunk driving for the first time may face one or more of the following penalties. While Virginia’s DUI penalties may seem steep – and they are – the support of a qualified Arlington criminal defense lawyer can ensure that your punishment is as mild as possible given the circumstances of your first crime and the details of your arrest. Fines: A minimum fine of $ 250 plus court costs. If necessary, a person may also be charged for police and emergency personnel (ambulance, fire truck) up to $ 2,500Prison time: Up to 12 months in prison. In the case of a DUI with a BAC between 0.08% and 0.15%, the conviction lies with the judge. A BAC between 0.15% and 0.20% requires a mandatory five-day prison sentence. A BAC of 0.20% or higher results in a ten-day prison term License: A first offender has suspended his license for at least 12 months, but a judge can issue a limited license during that time Ignition lock: If you are arrested for a DUI with a BAC value of 0.15% or higher, you must install an ignition lock on your car as long as the court decides. An ignition lock may also be required as a condition for a limited license Chemical Test Refusal: If you deny a chemical drug test after your DUI arrest, your license will automatically be revoked for one year. In these cases, a restricted license cannot be granted